Theatrical Makeup

Theatrical Makeup For Students & Professional Use
Graftobian has offered high quality makeup for both students and professionals for years. Each Deluxe Student Makeup Kit is packed with products needed to learn how to recreate characters for film and stage: full-sized theatrical cremes, face powders, full-sized lining pencils, spirit gum and remover, blood, hair whitening stick, crepe wool, modeling wax, and sponges in a handy reusable zip vinyl bag.

A Vast Line of Theatrical Products
Graftobian has all the makeup one could ever need, and that includes theatrical makeup. Whether you’re using a latex mask and need rubber mask grease to apply the makeup, or you need special effects makeup like blood, modeling wax, spirit gum, spirit gum remover, crème makeup, fake sweat and tears, we’ve got it all right here. Pro Adhesive and Pro Adhesive Remover can be used with latex and foam latex appliances, and spirit gum and spirit gum remover can be used with a bald cap or crepe wool.

Theatrical Makeup in Various Sizes and Colors
Graftobian Makeup is great for any kind of artist—whether they be student or professional. Many of the theatrical cremes come in cream foundation wheels for color convenience, or are available in mini sizes for testing out or travel. The Cake Foundations, Face Setting Powders, and Modeling Wax, all come in many skin tone shades so no one is left out. Graftobian makeup is also heavily pigmented, so a little goes a long way. If you need clown makeup, give our clown crème a try and you’ll be the whitest clown around.

Fragrance-Free Formulas
Graftobian’s Fantasy Makeup is known for being fragrance-free and safe to use for those with super sensitive skin. Using the fewest number of ingredients possible is our priority, and so we won’t try to cover something up with perfume.