Special Effects Makeup

Special FX Makeup To Be Used Over and Over
Graftobian is well known for its high quality makeup, and our FX Makeup line is no exception. Many products are available in large quantities that will last a long time. Pigments are super rich and highly concentrated for serious and professional results.

Bring That Thing to Life!
We created a wide range of special fx makeup products that bring SFX artists’ wildest nightmares to life, make haunters cry tears of stage blood, and simulate mass casualty situations to a whole new level of realism. Textures, highly-pigmented bloods, and your creativity will bring that thing to life!

Large Selection of Special Effects Makeup
Browse our selection of fake blood, mass casualty makeup, severe trauma kits, which come in smaller FX makeup kits for a single person, and the very large Deluxe Mass Casualty FX kits for multiple people simulating mass casualties or creating a haunted house. Fake bloods include blood gel, stage blood, blood paste, the famous Magic Blood Powder, FX blood powder, FX Gelatin.

Fragrance-Free Formulas
Graftobian’s special FX Makeup is known for being fragrance-free and safe to use for those with super sensitive skin. Using the fewest number of ingredients possible is our priority, and so we won’t try to cover something up with perfume.