Cream Corrector and Contour Collection

Why Not Opt for a Versatile Cream Contour Palette?
As a makeup professional, you need to have a wide range of colors for any skin tone you may come across. Our Cream Contour Palette products are an essential addition to any artist’s kit. Benefiting from a large variety of different shades, our kits provide a one-stop solution to contouring a wide range of different faces. From base tints to subtle highlight tones, to dark contours, our palette allows you to perform expert contouring quickly and easily.

Excellent Blending and Defined Looks
Each shade in our palette has been carefully created from premium pigments and other high quality ingredients to give a product that’s a joy to apply and kind to skin. Each shade blends beautifully, enabling you to accurately produce the perfect tone for any area of skin. Superb coverage combines with a light, fresh feel which is always appealing. Many artists find our ultra-cover Cream Contour Palette color range works particularly well.

Gentle on the Skin
Our palette is formulated to provide a silky, gentle product that feels amazing on the skin. The makeup is designed to be safe for any skin type, meaning it can be used on individuals with delicate skin. Our cream palette shades won’t flake off or dry, and keep their color for long wearing makeup applications.

Lots of Colors in One Place
When you invest in a Cream Contour Palette, you’ll discover how easy applying contouring makeup can be. With all the shades you need together tidily in one place, finding the combination you need for coverage success becomes a simple task, even for complex or multiple contouring jobs.

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Showing all 3 results