HD Glamour Creme Individual Foundations

Cream Foundation in a Variety of Exciting Shades
With 64 different colors to choose from, our HD Glamour Cream Foundation provides a perfect match for any skin tone. Designed to offer effective coverage while blending perfectly, Graftobian HD Cream Foundation helps to even out disparities in skin tone and provide camouflage for spots, blotches and other small blemishes, leaving the skin looking flawless. Our Hi-Def Glamour Cream shades are classified into Warm, Cool and Neutral undertones for the convenience of the makeup artist or daily wear makeup user.

Easy to Apply and Designed for Long-Lasting Coverage
Unlike messy powders or liquids, a cream foundation glides on easily and is less prone to cracking or flaking. Our selection of cream foundation products are designed to be applied quickly and easily, and last for hours without the need for time-consuming retouching. The professional, matte finish that this product gives makes it an ideal choice when a reliable, media ready finish is needed.

Gentle on the Skin
Our HD Cream Foundation collection has been specifically formulated to be suitable for sensitive skin, offering gentle coverage that many of our customers say is the only brand that doesn’t make them break out. Our makeup contains no silicone, no parabens, and no fragrances. Soft and silky, this foundation feels as good as it looks. For those people who prefer their face to feel fresh, our HD Cream Foundation can work wonders.

Cream Foundation That’s Superb for Blending and Suitable for Anyone
One of the real advantages of this product is its high pigment content, which helps to ensure exceptional coverage and great color. Because there are so many different shades available, it’s always possible to blend a tone that’s just right. Our high grade cosmetics are specifically designed for professional use, giving top quality results every time.

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Showing all 2 results