Correctors and Tattoo Cover

Tattoo Cover Up Makeup That Works
As tattoos become more popular in American society, more and more artists are finding themselves tasked with hiding tattoo ink for photo shoots and appearances. You need a product that you can rely on to get your job done quickly and effectively. Graftobian offers tattoo cover up makeup that provides an immediate solution with easy application. Our selection of color corrector palette options and tattoo covers have been especially created to provide an exceptional level of coverage, enabling any artist to swiftly cover body art of any shape or size.

Wide Selection of Shades
It’s no use trying to cover a tattoo or blemish with regular concealer if it leaves a discolored patch of skin! Graftobian correctors are designed to neutralize discoloration, with ten total colors provided in two formats. For HD makeup and beauty makeup application, they are offered in a palette of HD Cream neutralizing shades. For Tattoo cover, they are provided in a wheel of highly pigmented tattoo neutralizing creams. Both formats enable artists to easily correct discoloration utilizing opposite color theory. Once discolored skin has been neutralized with its opposite color, it is ready for application of foundation, yielding flawless results. With ten colors, five lights and five dark, our corrector and tattoo cover up makeup is designed to correct and cover all skin tones.

Easy to Apply
We know that it’s important to be able to conceal tattoos and other blemishes without too much fuss and bother, which is why our range of tattoo cover up makeup and color corrector palette choices are easily applied and resistant to flaking, drying or caking. Once in place, they will last as long as you need them to, even in challenging conditions where moisture or physical contact is involved.

Tattoo Cover Up Makeup That’s Designed for Professionals
Like the rest of our products, our corrector palettes are specifically formulated to meet the needs of makeup artists who need durable, hard wearing products that are simple to use and deliver great results.

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