In a land far, far away…

Ok, not that far, It stretched from… (geopoints needed)

There lived four good, modern-day wizards with exceptional powers.

The first was a wizardess by the name of Maritsa. Maritsa had the power to transform an ordinary person into anything or anyone they desired with one simple stroke of her make-up brush. Well, sometimes she’d use a spray-gun too. Her artistic abilities were so well refined and her skill so widely respected that people from all corners of the kingdom came to sit in her chair. So unselfish was this great wizardess that she even started lecturing so she could share her ancient wisdom with everyone.

You’d be forgiven if you thought the next wizard was a giant because of his intimidating stature. And indeed, he was a giant, just of another kind. A giant of Industry, a true titan of business. Eugene was his name and his power was to turn any start-up into a thriving enterprise. With conservative scaling, innovative strategizing and moderate risk of course! His entrepreneurial powers were so great that the marketplace called wizards like him an Omnipreneur, because of their ability to run and manage many business entities simultaneously.

Then there was Andreas. He is a happy wizard and the source of his joy came from knowing that he could easily make a complex task a simple one. His happiness comes from the end-users happiness.

Lastly there was a wizardess Jolene. From a very young age she realized that her power was connected to a big, black box. You see, Jolene could magically travel from one location to another, via the airwaves and appear on similar boxes all over the kingdom at exactly the same moment. “The Box” allowed her to be everywhere at once. “The Box” turned her into a celebrity and she decided to use this power for good. So, she become a brand ambassador for some awesome brands and harnessed the inexhaustible source of marketing and social media to help her do this.

The four wizards joined forces and their kingdom is now called Gauteng Central/Beauty Boss HQ

PayFast is a payments processing service for South Africans and South African websites. We enable easy, secure and instant transfer of money from online buyers to sellers.

Since all payments happen on PayFast’s secure infrastructure, merchants needn’t worry about costly certification nor seeing, storing or securing their customers’ financial information.

We allow sellers –individuals, businesses and charities– to accept secure payments from online buyers in a variety of ways. We process credit cards from anywhere in the world, Instant EFT (bank transfers with SA’s four biggest banks that get instantly verified), Bitcoin and more.
Online payments made easy with PayFast

How does it work?

Sellers with a (free) PayFast account can enable some (or all) of our supported payment methods on their site. PayFast works with dozens of powerful eCommerce platforms and doing custom integration is a breeze.

When a buyer clicks to pay, they get to choose their preferred payment method and securely completes the transaction on PayFast’s servers.

After payment has been completed, the buyer and seller are both notified of the successful transaction. The seller can immediately start fulfilment of their goods or services.

All transaction details and payments received, minus our modest fees, reflect instantly on the seller’s PayFast account.

The funds can be moved from the seller’s PayFast account to any linked South African bank account type at the click of a button (or via Scheduled Payout). No merchant bank account is required to receive payments with PayFast.

At Fastway, our approach to courier services is unique. Our Courier Franchisees offer a cost effective, reliable, timetabled courier delivery service, backed up by the latest computer technology and online parcel track and trace facilities, making Fastway Couriers the ideal choice for small to medium sized businesses.

With more than 250 Courier Franchisees across South Africa, from Johannesburg to Cape Town and almost everywhere in between, our commitment to delight our customers at every point in their parcel’s journey is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We believe in making the process of using a courier service easy and convenient for our customers – we can deliver on that promise thanks to the dedication of our franchise partners and their ongoing commitment to provide an unrivalled level of customer care for the 16.4 million parcels we move each and every year.